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Electronic public transport - Electric mopeds

Job Invest d.o.o Job Invest d.o.o  •  2019-07-20  •    Nema komentara

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Smart, innovative, eco-friendly and affordable way to get from home to work, school, market or take tour around town while reducing air pollution and getting at your destination without traffic jams.

Defined challenge of this project are these key checkpoints: -environmental, public transporatation and eco tourism improvement - reducing traffic jams in period from 07:00-9:30 am and 15:00-17:30 pm -ease public trasportation and less time consumption for traveling from one to other destination - easy reachable parking spots and easy recharge

Most affected citizens are in most populated parts od our city, aswell due to rising numer of tourists every year and migrant crisis, transportation system is overloaded mostly in summer period. Public transportation is unbearable, and every local communities are affected. This projest would ease home to work traveling, school traveling, tourist city tours, and publuc transportation in general. Transportation & environmental benefits : Needless to say that electric moped will be affordable public transportation, they are best when it comes to choosing alternative mode of transportation. You don't have to depend upon fuel as these mopeds run on battery, mopeds have limited speed as compared with traditional bikes. Therefore, there is no or minimal licensing requirements. Kids safety is of prime importance, and electric moped have different safety features. For example, almost every moped has hand-operated acceleration control along with rare brake. Because of their compact design and small size, these mopeds can be parked in a small space. Alternatively, you can carry an electric moped with you, instead of parking. In busy cities, time is the issue and these sleek vehicles can help you save a lot of time on the road. They're portable and can access anywhere, so, you will have no trouble taking a short cut through the city, a shopping mall or a park. You just need to recharge the batteries for a given amount of time, and that's it. Your moped will save your precious time otherwise spent in heavy traffic, gas stations and parking lots. Think green, breathe clean air, use sustainable source of power. Drive new public transportation electric mopeds   

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