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Sarajevo 3D Map, with on-line platform

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Sarajevo finally gets a new digital 3D map, with the online platform. Also receives the Universal Database of georeferenced permanent data, for a unique digital future, with limitless usable values.

Data in the 2D maps is the digital past

o Available databases in the 2D maps are not compatible, which blocks the modernization of the economy, local government and tourist communities.

o Data available in the 2D maps, cannot meet social and economic real needs or virtual tourist needs.

Why “Sarajevska 3D mapa”

o With the creation of the Sarajevo’s 3D map, in the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, we immediately and directly prevent monopoly, discrimination and damage.

o Sarajevo finally gets a digital 3D map, which smaller capital cities of regional states already have, such as Podgorica in Montenegro.

o Sarajevo City currently does not have access to a global 3D map.

o Sarajevo’s 3D map does not exist in the global 3D Google map.

o Sarajevo’s 3D map will fully perform the function of a global 3D map.

Universal databases

o Universal databases for Smart Sarajevo are the announcement of the unique digital future, which currently does not exist in the wider environment.

o Universal databases with the comparable individual data, for the individual mission objects for all the areas of application, currently do not exist nor in the 3D Google maps nor in the Department of Planning of the City of Sarajevo, on 2D City map of Sarajevo.

o The Reference Standard measure is an initial georeferenced map, which is intended for a universal base and contains millimeter precision data in an interactive platform for automated overlays/comparisons.

o Periodic repertoire control are chronological inspection surveys and measurements, whose map overlaps with etalons, providing digital software service and maintenance methods, that are not known in the practice.

o Universal databases are permanent documentation of individual mission objects, with a scientifically stunning set of initial data and periodic changes in the digital business bases.

A new standard and protocols for the present and the future

o The project creates the latest standards of the fourth digital revolution with the incorporation of the business tools of drone revolution, which will be marked by the respectable estimates in the coming decades, and whose ultimate effects of utility and significance are currently available only to the imagination.

Users of Sarajevo’s 3D map and universal databases

o Citizens: local community and regional environment

o Touristic communities: tourists, adventurers and recreationalists

o Government: municipal institutions, services and inspections

o Economy: all areas of application

o Public: media, ecology and regulatory agencies

o Free access to Sarajevo’s 3D map has users worldwide, with the same scope and quality of service as on the global 3D Google map

Smart economy

o Sarajevo’s 3D map, provides a modern digital instrument for the effective solution of all business challenges, embedded georeferenced and automated mechanisms.

o The project indirectly reduces air pollution and directly contributes to a quality of public transport and more effective fight against corruption, and to economic activities of precise and objective planning and reporting.

o The project provides mechanisms that will automatically point to the unconstructed construction, for example, projects that are in the current 2D map “nonexistent” would be visible on 3D maps with permanent precision universal bases.

o Businessmen and government will get modern digital tools for overseeing works and controlling spendings in public procurement processes and others.

o Touristic communities will be able to create 3D digital touristic offers.

o Government and institutions will more effectively oppose to corruption.

o Tourists and adventurers will meet digital 3D Sarajevo.


o Creation of 3D map with the latest drone technique and technology

o Software processing of data on server with online platform.

o Creation of web link and installation of platform of 3D map.

o Creation and implementation of reference standard measures, initial bases

o Performing periodic repercussions for servicing the base.

o Creation of universal databases that contain recorded changes.


o The project covers the territory of the Old Town, which is a city experimental zone or pilot project, for the global Smart Sarajevo.

o Project data from the experimental zone will be able to be compared and used as a part of the global city unit of 3D Smart Sarajevo.

o The project proves that we are part of a global 3D map, regardless of when we become part of global 3D Google map.

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